2016-2017 UndocuGrads Socials

We are happy to officially announce this year’s UndocuGrads Socials! In the past, Graduates Reaching a Dream Deferred (GRADD-https://www.facebook.com/GRADD.org/) has organized 3 different UndocuGrads Conferences throughout California!
These socials are for prospective undocumented students interested in grad school, current undocumented grad students & previous undocumented graduate students.
The locations of these socials will be restaurants. Our goal is to reach to community & create spaces for people to connect. We will NOT be able to provide dinner for attendees. We will be choosing restaurants that have affordable options. We will sent out the details of the locations include website and food options prior to the events.
  • If you are an organization/school interested in sponsoring any of these events please e-mail us at UndocuGradsConference@gmail.com
  • If you are interested in hosting a social in your area and/or any questions please let us know at UndocuGradsConference@gmail.com